Qui Tam/False Claims

Included in the government’s False Claims Act are qui tam (whistleblower) provisions. These laws permit individuals who have evidence of fraud committed against the government to file a lawsuit to reclaim what was defrauded from the government. The False Claims Act does not cover tax fraud, but does cover most other issues involving federally funded programs and contracts. Due to the inherent risk and effort in pursuing a qui tam case, individuals (whistleblowers) can be awarded a percentage of the damages recovered in the lawsuit. This can amount to as much as 30% of the settlement. These claims, among other things, include Medicare and Medicaid Fraud, Defense Contractor Fraud and Fraudulent Loans and Grants. Many of these claims arise out of the healthcare industry and drug manufacturers. More recently, many of these claims have arisen out of defense industry contracts with the U.S. government in Iraq. Call for a free confidential consultation with one of our attorneys at 877.857.2622.